School Supply Sales

School supply sales are starting up and there are several items that we include in our bags that we try to stock up on during these sales. Here are the items to be on the lookout for:

Crayons—in the past I’ve been able to get 4/$1 at Fred Meyer and I just grab 4 every time I go!

Spiral notebooks—we are adding these to every bag this year as a place for patients to keep notes on appointments and things all in one place. Currently .20 cents each at Fred Meyer



Pencil sharpeners


Paper folders—a place to keep all of the paperwork together. Last year Autumn found them on clearance for .1 cent!!!

Colored pencils—we were down to one pack after our last stuffing party—eek!

Composition books in pretty colors or cute designs work great for journals.

If you happen to see an amazing deal, please feel free to share it here!

Thank you for spreading HOPE!